Top 6 Italian Kitchen Designs

Over the years, Italy has been a perfect source of inspiration in the world of architecture and interior design, thanks to its rich traditions and culture. The truth is that the Italian designs are a great mixture of class, elegance, luxury and contemporary. The stylish kitchen designs in Italy are sought after by many homeowners due to their comfy interior, visual appeal and plenty of light that brightens the room. Listed below are stunning kitchen designs that can make you have a mesmerising Italian Kitchen décor.


Italian Modular Kitchen

An Italian modular kitchen includes a contemporary look and a sleek yet compact area. The storage cabinets incorporate a dark splash colour to create a lively atmosphere. What’s more, the kitchen is U-shaped with practical spaces for prepping, cooking and washing to simplify everything for you. White showpieces and a gleaming white platform are included to add a glamorous touch to the kitchen.


Binova Avola - Italian Kitchen Design
Binova Avola


A White Italian Theme

One of the trendiest Italian Kitchen design on the market entails adorning a pure white colour to your kitchen. Remember that white is seen as a colour of tranquillity and peace. In this setup, you can make the kitchen get a stylish and attractive look using dark colours in storage cabinets and some of the appliances.

When it comes to the inbuilt cabinets on the well and other storage spaces, it would be wise to make sure they are concealed. Adding some beige-coloured cabinets to the kitchen will make it get a chic element. On the other hand, Sleek hardware will make the kitchen seem fashionable.

white kitchen

An Industrial Kitchen Design

An industrial kitchen design comes with some metal setups with no paints, and this makes it have a professional and stylish look that assures a superb atmosphere. In this type of Italian kitchen design, metal is used to design the prepping area, countertop and sink. Pot handle and a rack are mounted above the platform to add class to the style and maximise the storage space.


Natural and bright right is assured in the kitchen, thanks to the large sloping windows illuminating the entire space. It’s advisable to have a huge refrigerator in this kitchen set up to complement the shade of the countertops. Having copper cutlery and stylish pendant lights will add sophistication to the kitchen.


Printed Kitchen Design

A printed Italian kitchen is a typical modern kitchen containing a splash of colour to brighten things up. For instance, a bright red colour combined with a beautiful floral printed design on the cabinets adds a simple yet lavish look to the kitchen.


You can add a touch of glamour to this kitchen by adding white paint on some storage cabinets or adding some recessed lights. With mosaic tiles in several hues of red, the look of this fantastic red modern kitchen will be over the moon.


A Rustic Kitchen Design

Merely put, a rustic kitchen design has a beautiful finish combined with cream-coloured woodwork. Adding a grey backdrop will ensure you have the ideal contrast for the surrounding cream area.


The appliances and hardware need to be slender and sleek to ensure you have a de-cluttered look throughout the kitchen. You can create a natural feel into the living room by ensuring the wall matches the cream-coloured cabinets.


The L Shaped Kitchen Design

This is the kitchen you need to consider if you have limited space as the counter is attached to the walls. With this, the central island serves as a prepping or dining area. Generally, the kitchen will have a traditional cottage style look due to the large wooden beams and stylish wooden finish. Add stunning hanging lamps to add glamour to the area.


The Final Take: Binova Milano

Futuristic homes will incorporate modern kitchens. You can spice up all kitchens with an Italian décor to make them seem stylish and elegant. The designs mentioned above are ideal for small and large spaces and will utilise the available space fully while ensuring you have an airy and spacious look. Here is where Binova Milano comes in hand.

Yes, Binova Milano will help you get a modern, innovative and stylish kitchen with an Italian taste.


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